Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

The best known crystal skull is the Mitchell Hedges skull (believed by some to be one of the only surviving Atlantean originals). Frederick Mitchell Hedges was a British explorer who was fascinated with the legend of Atlantis. He scorned armchair archaeologists and textbook scientists, preferring real life exploration. Although he was often branded as a real life Indiana Jones, the film character is a pale comparison to the real persona, with one book critic who read his autobiography commenting that “that Indiana Jones isn’t fit to carry this guy’s bags”.

His motto was “Life without adventure is not life at all”, and his real life adventures certainly bore this out. He donated 3700 ancient artifacts to both the British Museum and the Heye Foundation’s Museum of the American Indian. At various times, he owned Marie Antoinette’s mirror, Admiral Nelson’s silver vanity and cutlery set, Cromwell’s leather water bottle and a silver tankard Charles II gave to Nell Gwynn. He also owned the oak wedding chest Henry VIII had given to Catherine of Aragon, along with the Moses Chalice, an Elizabethan clock and the Black Virgin of Kazaan. This Russian icon is now hanging in the Kremlin after being returned to the people of Russia by Pope John-Paul.

The most fascinating of all these objects though is the Mitchell Hedges crystal skull.

The skull was discovered by his adopted daughter, the late Anna Mitchell Hedges in 1924, inside a pyramid at Lubantuum, ‘city of fallen stones’, in Belize, Central America. Initially, it was just the cranium that was found, with the separate jaw piece being found underneath an altar in the same pyramid some three months later.

When the skull was brought out it was placed upon a makeshift altar that had been built by the local Maya, who were helping with the excavations. Within a short space of time, more Native people arrived who performed ceremonies and rituals in front of the skull. There was feasting and merriment, and the celebrations lasted for several days.

Despite these claims many people believe that the skull did not come into the custodianship of Frederick Mitchell Hedges until 1943. The skull was not mentioned in any of his speaking engagements until this time, and there is very little photographic evidence to suggest that Anna was ever at Lubantuum. What is known is that the skull was put up for auction at Sotheby’s in London in 1943, by Sydney Burney, a London art dealer, where it was listed as the Burney Skull. The British Museum tried to buy the skull, but it was withdrawn from sale and subsequently sold to Frederick Mitchell Hedges for £400.

According to Anna, Mr Burney was a family friend whom her father turned to when he needed to borrow some money. The skull was used as collateral for the loan, and when it was put up for sale, he paid him back, and the skull was withdrawn from sale. He subsequently received a certificate of ownership from Sotheby’s, thereby disputing all claims that the Mitchell Hedges family were not the legal owners.

The Skull is sometimes referred to as the Skull of Doom, as the Maya were reported to have used it to will death. When an old medicine man or Priest was coming to the end of his life, he would choose a younger successor. Both would place their hands on the skull while a Priest performed a special ceremony, during which all the knowledge and wisdom of the old would be passed into the young. The old person would then simply go to sleep and not wake up.

Some believe that the name is actually the Skull of Dunn, after an associate of Mitchell Hedges who accompanied the excavations, while others refer to it as the Skull of Love.

The skull is made from a perfect piece of clear quartz; in such a way that any light shone from beneath is reflected through the eye sockets. If the suns rays are strong enough, and strike the back at a particular angle, the light is focussed and condensed, appearing as a strong beam reflected through the eyes, nose and mouth. If this happens for more than a few minutes, it has been known to start a fire.

It is anatomically perfect, is just over 5″ in height, and weighs almost 12lbs. The jaw piece fits precisely onto the skull by means of two small sockets, allowing it to move up and down. These may have held suspending supports at one time. The balance is so precise that even a slight breeze would cause the jaw to open and close, giving the appearance of a talking skull.

In 1986 Frank Domingo a forensic artist with the New York Police Dept was asked to do a facial reconstruction of the skull. The image that emerged was that of a Native American woman, remarkably similar to one seen by Frank Dorland in meditation. Dorland believed this to be the face of a Mayan Priestess.

Frank Dorland is a crystal researcher and art restorer from San Francisco. In 1964 he was given the opportunity to work with the Mitchell Hedges skull, which he kept for six years. During this time many came to see it, one of whom turned out to be a member of the Church of Satan. After the visit strange noises of chanting were observed, and what sounded like a large animal moving around the house. In the morning Frank and his wife discovered many objects had moved, and concluded this must have been poltergeist activity, caused by the conflict of energies.

On one occasion, Frank and the skull were guests on a TV show hosted by a well-known psychic, known as the Dutch Housewife. She looked into the eyes of the skull and announced that an earthquake would soon destroy San Francisco. Frank did his best to reassure the audience, but many people fled the city in panic. A few months later, she died of a strange disease, out of State, having fled California herself.

Despite being known as the Skull of Doom, these were the only negative experiences that Frank had during the time he spent with the skull.

I have not had the opportunity to spend time with the skull myself, but have spoken to many who have, all of whom say that it was a powerful experience, filled with love. I have however managed to connect with the skull several times during meditation. The first time this happened it felt as if I was a tiny figure perched on its nose, staring deep into the eye sockets. The eyes had an almost magnetic pull, and I found the whole experience completely mesmerising.

During the mid 1970’s the skull was tested by the computer company Hewlett Packard. The tests found that both the cranium and jawbone were carved from the same piece of quartz, an unusual feat bearing in mind the difficulties that carving crystal can present. Very few, if any other crystal skulls have jaws that are carved from the same piece.

When placed under extreme magnification the skull showed no signs of being worked with tools, leading the scientists to conclude that it must have been made by hand, over a period of 300 years. In his book Holy Ice, Frank Dorland claims that when he examined the skull in 1965 he found traces of rotary tool markings on the face of the teeth.

Unfortunately the scientists were unable to date the skull, as quartz contains no carbon, and does not degenerate with age. One of the scientists was heard to comment that the skull should not even exist, as there was no way of duplicating it.

The scientists concluded that it was made from a piece of perfect grade A quartz, carrying a piezo-electric charge. The word piezo comes from the Greek meaning to squeeze, while electrose means to generate a charge. This is the same type of quartz commonly used in computers, which means that the skull could be used to store and transmit electrical information.

It is well known that quartz crystals have the ability to store and transmit electrical information, as they are widely used in much of the modern technology upon which we rely, such as computers, watches and mobile phones. In fact, this technology could not exist without such crystals. It is entirely feasible therefore, that the crystal skulls contain information that, so far, we have been unable to access. Once we find the key to do this we will undoubtedly be astounded as to its content.

The charge generated by the skull runs from top to bottom, so if it is applied to the cranium, the energy runs down into the Earth below, causing the skull to temporarily change shape.

Carole Wilson, one of Canada’s best-known psychics has the ability to communicate direct with the skull through the process of channelling. Carole claims to have accessed information via the skull, some of which has been published in a book entitled The Skull Speaks, unfortunately now out of print. Her channellings confirm that the skull was formed by an advanced civilisation many thousands of years ago, through the power of thought. Its current body is said to be 17,000 years old. Atlantis is said to have fallen 12,000 years ago, adding weight to the theory that the skull originated from here.