Crystal Skulls – Symbols of Humanity

Crystals are far from being lifeless objects. Much of the modern technology upon which we rely, such as mobile phones, computers, and life saving medical equipment, could not function without them. The first radio sets were made from crystals, being called crystal sets. From this we can deduce that quartz crystal is capable of holding and transmitting vast amounts of electrical information. It is now also beginning to be recognised, by both science and mainstream medicine, that crystals can also be used to effect healing.

Crystals are thought to work by emitting a single, constant vibrating frequency that oscillates in harmony with the body, bringing it back into alignment. They are able to do this, as they resonate with the body’s own internal crystalline structure. Many parts of our bodies have quartz like properties. These include the cell salts, lymphatics, fatty tissue, red and white blood cells and the pineal gland. Crystals are thought to act by transferring information into the bloodstream and circulatory system, while at the same time converting unwanted information, which is no longer appropriate for our growth, held within the skeletal structure and unconscious mind. Crystal therapy is a tremendously powerful and vastly underrated method of healing.

Crystal SkullOrdinary crystals are powerful in themselves, but with crystal skulls, the power seems to be amplified at least tenfold. So what exactly is a crystal skull? A crystal skull is a stylised carving of a human skull made from crystal. They vary in size, shape and character, and can be carved from almost any type of crystal. There are three types of crystal skull, which are broadly classified according to their supposed age. These are ancient, old and contemporary. I say supposed age, as it is impossible to really date them, as quartz contains no carbon. Most skulls described as ancient (over 1500 years old) have been found in ancient burial sites, around Mexico and Central America.

The skull is a universal symbol of humanity. Underneath all the trappings of dyed hair, make up, etc we are basically just skulls. In truth, all of these things are representations of ourselves that we have created in order to feed the illusion of separateness. In reality however, we are all one, and there is no separation. I believe the skulls are here, in part, to remind us of that.

When many people see a crystal skull for the first time they find the image rather disconcerting. This, I believe, is due to the fact that they bring to the surface aspects of ourselves that we wish to deny, reflecting the flaws in our nature. The skull is, in this way, a mirror of our subconscious self. It can be very interesting to see people’s initial reactions to them, for what they see in the skulls is a reflection of what they think of themselves.

To the western eye the image of the skull is considered to be a symbol of death. To most of us, this is our biggest fear, as we believe it is the end of our existence, and we do not know what lies beyond it. When we look at the skull we are reminded of our own immortality and are forced to confront this fear. When the fear diminishes, we are then able to truly live.

According to Edwin Courtenay, the crystal skulls are as old as time itself. When God , The Divine created the universe, He decided to delegate responsibility to a number of Angels, one of which, the Demiurge was given the task of creating the planets and environment in which we live. In order to help them do this, The Divine manifested seven crystal skulls that were used as lenses through which His light was focussed.

The Atlanteans were one of the first advanced civilisations to live upon the Earth. Theirs was a complex society, presided over by seven Royal families, each representing one of the seven primary rays that were needed to create the universe; the rays of earth, air, fire, water, love, spirit and evolution. Each of the Royal families was custodian of one of the seven crystal skulls, and these were used to create the physical environment in which the Atlanteans lived. In addition to this, the skulls themselves manifested fourteen smaller skulls that were carried around by the High Priests. There were two minor skulls for each of the larger ones, and these represented both the masculine and feminine aspects of the larger skulls to which they were connected.

Due to their crystalline nature, these skulls were capable of storing an immense amount of information. Each of these original twenty one skulls contained a sentient presence, collectively known as the crystal skull conclave. The conclave provided the Atlanteans with information on the nature of the universe and mankind, and their creation.

The Divine created the consciousness at the beginning of time, in order to aid the Demiurge in their construction of the universe, and to act as a sentient memory bank regarding the history of the universe and its inhabitants. The skulls could therefore be thought of as a mobile form of the Akashic Records.

In the beginning the skulls had no solid shape or form, but merely existed as conscious energy. As mankind has evolved and changed shape physically, so too have the skulls. Different styles and shapes of skulls are therefore representative of the different stages in our own evolution.

As Atlantean society evolved the people started to move away from spirituality and more towards science. Consequently, the Atlanteans lost the ability to communicate with the skulls and hid them away, being fearful of their power, as they no longer understood what they were for.

After some time the Atlantean scientists began to experiment in their own creation of a skull, thinking that this might help them to understand what they were for. A skull, known as the Eighth Skull was duly created that could be used to draw upon the darker, more negative energetic frequencies that were utilised by the original skulls. As balance needs to be maintained between the light and dark (positive and negative), a Ninth Skull was also created in order to balance, and counteract the Eighth one.

The Atlanteans then began to construct a tower that would house technology capable of challenging The Divine. Due to their actions, it was only a matter of time before Atlantis fell. However, the Royal family of Spirit realised what was about to happen. Two of the High Priests, souls who we know as the Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain formed a society known as the Order of the Violet Robe, in order to safeguard the Atlantean secrets and ensure that they were not destroyed. Together with their followers, they managed to escape with several of the skulls, which were taken to various places around the world. These included the Eighth and Ninth Skulls, as well as several others.

As the human soul chooses to reincarnate into another body after we die, the same is also true of the skulls. Of those that were destroyed, the consciousness lived on, searching for a new home. Some resided in other crystals, some existed only in the etheric, attempting to affect the consciousness of crystal carvers to create a suitable skull shaped residence that they could then inhabit, in the mineral that most closely matched the vibration of their original home. However, the consciousness often has difficulties residing in a mineral that is different to its original home, choosing instead to divide itself into a number of different pieces. In fact, very few, if any skulls are inhabited by the complete Atlantean consciousness.

I believe that many cultures that talk about thirteen or fourteen crystal skulls are in fact referring to the minor skulls. Other cultures that talk about a still greater number of skulls are referring to these incomplete consciousnesses. Over time the stories have become confused, like Chinese whispers.

At some point before 2020, the original seven skulls of Atlantis will be gathered together in the bodies that they have chosen to inhabit at that particular time, and the mineral energy, and the frequency of energy that they represent will form a conjunction of light, that will either enable the world to continue to move on into the highest states of evolution, change and transformation, or to lead downwards, into its ultimate spiral of destruction. It is therefore incumbent upon mankind to ensure that they become enlightened enough to comprehend and act on the truths that they are presented with, rather than ignoring them, as many are presently choosing to do so.

Many people who come into contact with our crystal skulls comment that they seem to have a life all of their own, with their own personalities and facial expressions. It is not uncommon for those with psychic gifts to feel that the skulls are talking to them telepathically. For some this is in the form of an actual voice in their head, for others, the words come in your own voice, but you know they cannot be coming from you, due to the things that they say, and the nature of the way in which they are said. This is not hearing voices through the ears, but rather, as an internal dialogue, and should not be confused with schizophrenia, which is a serious medical condition. With schizophrenia the voices tend to be negative, and encourage the sufferer to harm either themselves, or others. Communing with crystal skulls is more like an intuitive sense of knowing which helps one to interpret and present information in ways which are easier to understand. The information is not negative in any sense of the word, in fact quite the opposite.

If you are attracted to the idea of working with the skulls, then it is important to realise that size is really immaterial. While it is true that larger skulls command a greater presence, from my experience, it is often the case that the smaller ones carry far more powerful energy. Not all skulls of course will be inhabited by any form of consciousness, conclave or otherwise. Many of them are really no more than pretty paperweights. The only way to know is by tuning in to them to see.

Sometimes the skulls may ask to be taken to specific places or people in order to effect healing. Sometimes they may ask that they avoid certain people and places, as it may not be appropriate. This is most likely to happen shortly after acquiring a new skull, as like animals they need time to settle in and adjust to their new environment and caretakers.

Most crystal skulls seem to enjoy being around particular colours, either by being placed on a light box or cloth. It is best to experiment with different colours and see where the skull looks happiest. Each crystal skull has its own unique character and personality, just like us, and this will only become apparent by spending time with them. Just like with human friends, it takes time and effort to build up this relationship.

It is not uncommon for those who are unaccustomed to working with these strong energies to experience headaches and emotions coming to the surface, as the skulls act as mirrors, bringing these up to be dealt with. Fortunately they are also excellent tools for healing these imbalances, which can be utilised in a number of very simple ways.

One of the simplest ways is simply to meditate with them, and ask for the blockages to be cleared. They can also be placed beneath the couch during healing sessions, or next to the bed while you sleep. If you do this though, be prepared to have some very interesting dreams!

It is unfortunate that very little research has been done with the more modern skulls. Most researchers tend to concentrate solely on the ancient skulls that have been found, believing these to be receptacles of great knowledge and power. I am sure that in many cases this is so, but the modern skulls should not be ignored, or thought of as less powerful just because they are younger. In the same way it would be a mistake to believe that children have nothing valuable to contribute, for as we all know, the wisest words often come from the mouths of such babes. With the skulls, as with everything else, appearances can be very deceptive. It is not the physical object that is important, but rather the consciousness that inhabits it.