Counsel of One

Much of the information contained within this article may seem controversial, but nevertheless these are my truths, which I have come to realise after much in depth research. It is important to use your own discernment as to whether or not to take this information on board.

According to legend, after the crucifixion of Jesus, Mary Magdalene is said to have fled to France, with her family and servants, where she later gave birth to a daughter, supposedly Jesus’ daughter. This is said to be the origins of the Merovingian line, the former Kings of France.

The idea of a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, although widely accepted, has never really sat well with me, and all my instincts tell me that this is untrue. Virtually all channelled books that I have read on this subject, with the notable exception of The Only Planet of Choice, state that Jesus was, as the Bible says, celibate, and by definition then could not have had children, with Mary, or anyone else. The Merovingians then cannot be his descendants, although this is not to say that they were not party to his teachings, as passed on via his Disciples and other followers.

The Only Planet of Choice was first published in 1993. This book is the result of over 20 years of communications brought forth by trance medium Phyllis Schlemmer. The book details amongst other things, how extra terrestrials interact with the Earth, as well as the nature and origins of the universe, and the untold history of the human race. The information is said to come from a group of beings known as the Council of Nine, with Tom as their spokesperson.

The Only Planet of Choice states that Jesus and Mary were lovers, but did not have children. However, I personally would tend to regard this book with a degree of scepticism, as it also states in the opening pages that Tom (and by implication the Nine), only speak through medium Phyllis Schlemmer and that therefore, anyone else who claims to be their spokesperson is not genuine.

I personally feel that the Council would not use one conduit alone in which to broadcast their message. The channels sieve or perception filter would prevent the true information from coming through, as it is always coloured by the channels own experiences. Furthermore, different populations and groups also have their own perception, and therefore may find it difficult to relate to one source which is not tailored to their own learnings, teachings and experiences. Bearing this in mind, sometimes the consciousness of the channelled being will use different names for different groups of people. Jesus for example goes by many names, including Raj and Sananda. When somebody claims to be the exclusive spokesperson for a particular source, I would suspect that more than a little of their ego is involved, and would therefore tend to use a great deal of discernment.

This statement makes an awful lot of sense when you consider who the Nine in this particular book actually are, for it seems that they are in fact the same nine Gods who made up the Great Ennead of Heliopolis, in ancient Egypt. This identity was revealed in September 1974, when Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, who sat in on many of the later sessions for The Only Planet of Choice, asked Schlemmer to whom he was talking. Tom replied with a list of several names, one of which was the primeval sun god, Atum. Carla Ruekert channels another entity from the Nine, known as Ra. This same entity claims to have built the Great Pyramid. Ra was also of course a sun god, and central to the Great Ennead. He was later joined with the Atum to form the composite god known as Atum-Ra.

If you have read the contents page for Genesis of Man, you will know that we carry within our genes a mixture of both Earth and extra terrestrial DNA, as a result of genetic experimentation by the Nibiruans. Enki and Ninmah were the instigators of this experiment, and could in a way be seen as our parents.

This experiment was not however, as some have suggested, a means of creating Nibiruan slaves, although it is true that the primitive workers, as they came to be known did work the Nibiruans mines. This experiment served two purposes, for the bodies were also needed to house the souls of what have been referred to as the Etheric Sirians. These were the guardians of Planet Earth, whom as their name suggests, had originally inhabited the Sirian star system.

According to Jelaila Starr, the Humans originally evolved on a Planet named Avyon within the Vegan star system of the constellation of Lyra. They were then moved to Sirius B, where they were split into two groups; those with and without physical form. The physical ones went to live on Orion, alongside the Reptiles, while the etheric ones were sent to a Planet named Tiamat. A war with the Reptiles later caused the destruction of Tiamat. The upper half became Earth, while the lower half became fragmented into the Asteroid Belt.

When the Nibiruans arrived on Earth, the Planet was already inhabited by evolving human primates. Enki realised that the blueprint he needed to house the Etheric Sirian souls was already there, and all he had to do was add a few Nibiruan genes in order to perfect the species.

When Enki’s son, Marduk married an earthling, he was outlawed from Nibiru, his home planet. This ruling was not as harsh however as it sounds, for there were good reasons for the ban. Marduk had lived on Earth for so long that he had become accustomed to Earth’s cycles, and may not have been able to adapt to life on Nibiru. His wife would certainly not have been able to.

Marduk was actually one quarter Reptilian, through his paternal grandmother. When the universe was created, the Humans and the Reptiles were each given contradictory creational myths, and it is this that led to the majority of problems between the two races. The Reptiles were given a creational myth that stated that they had the right to colonise any planet or star system within the galaxy, and destroy any non-Reptilian race already living there. The Humans were also told that they could colonise other stars and planets, but if they found another race already living there, they were to negotiate a peace treaty and endeavour to co-exist alongside them.

Marduk therefore decided to claim Earth in accordance with his Reptilian heritage. Around 25,000 BC, under the command of Marduk, the Atlanteans harnessed the power of a giant crystal. The Atlanteans were overjoyed at this development, and initially utilised the technology wisely. With the aid of his Reptilian allies, Marduk began to infiltrate their scientific community, so that the scientists soon became the dominant force in society. He then began to infiltrate the ruling class, which caused a division between the spiritual and scientific communities. Eventually it got to the stage where Marduk himself was ruler, in everything but name. Many of the Atlanteans supported him, but there were also many who did not.

Marduk then harnessed a comet, holding it in a tractor beam from the Great Crystal and threatened to use it against any civilisation that opposed his plans. He was about to destroy the Rama (in India) and the Yu (in Central China) lwhen Nibiru came back into orbit. This disrupted the tractor beam, sending the comet crashing down on Atlantis.

Marduk’s Son Seth then destroyed the Firmament, a band of moisture about three miles thick surrounding Earth, that was responsible for the planet’s lush, green environment. This attack was launched from the Great Pyramid in Egypt, causing a great deluge that lasted for forty days and forty nights. This is the same Seth who in Egyptian mythology, killed his brother Osiris.

The Nibiruans decided not to warn the Humans of the impending disaster, as they reasoned it was only a matter of time before they destroyed themselves anyway. They left the planet in a shuttlecraft in order to sit out the flood. What they didn’t know then was that Enki had asked his son, Noah, and his family to build the Ark. It is only through Enki’s intervention that mankind managed to survive at all.

After the destruction of Atlantis, Marduk returned to Egypt, where he deposed his half brother, Thoth. Marduk then installed himself as ruler of Egypt, where he became known as Ra. His father, Enki was also venerated as Ptah. Under Marduk’s rulership, both Upper and Lower Egypt became unified into one nation. He also appointed the King (Menes) whose reign began the First Dynasty of Egypt, and founded the city of Memphis in his honour.

With the help of his Army, Marduk then took command of Nibiru. It was decided that the only way to stop him was the destruction of the space facilities on Earth. This was achieved by means of a plutonium bomb, which was detonated by the commander of the spaceport. This also caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, that happened to be nearby. These cities may well have been located in the vicinity of the Dead Sea, as radiation readings there appear to be much higher than normal, leading to speculation that at one time it may have been the scene of a nuclear holocaust.

Before the detonation took place, Enki’s brother, Enlil had a vision that not all the Humans were to be killed. One family was to be chosen to carry on the human race. The Patriarch was known as Terah, the father of Abraham.

According to Tom, the seeding of Earth, by the Nine, was an experiment to see how the indigenous peoples (whom Tom incidentally claims, are the black race) would evolve in comparison to the new colonists. This was not a smooth process, as our genetics have also been manipulated by those whom Tom refers to as ‘the opposition’ or ‘others’. These ‘others’ are described as beings who do not adhere to the natural laws that exist upon the Earth. They act to create disharmony and imbalance, the opposite in fact of the Nine, or so Tom would like us to believe.

Tom also states that the Jewish race was created by the Nine, as the ‘saviours of our planet’. As they are directly descended from Hoova, the civilisation which spawned the Nine, they are indeed the chosen ones. Jesus it seems, was sent from Hoova as a Divine messenger, in order to become their great Messiah. The mistake the Jews made was in not accepting this. In order to rectify this and reclaim their rightful place in Earth’s history and evolution, they must first come to accept this mistake. The only thing that stops them from doing so is pride.

In places, Tom appears to contradict himself, for although he states that the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah, he also refers to him as Jehovah, the same name as the Jewish God, a statement that is patently absurd. Tom also claims that the work of Jesus, and his energy was inspired and supplied by the Nine. Somehow though, this seems extremely doubtful.

The Nine claim that their first colonisation of Earth took place around 32,000 years go, in the Tarim Basin of northern China. Atlantis was founded shortly afterwards and flourished for nearly 20,000 years, stretching from Greece to the United States. Atlantis was actually seeded by beings whom Tom refers to as Alteans, a less benevolent race who also helped to seed our planet. Jelaila Starr claims that Atlantis was seeded by a cousin of Anu, known as Altea, prior the Nibiruans mass landing approximately 480,000 years ago. Anu was the Nibiruans leader, and father of Enki and Enlil. It is interesting to note that the ancient city of Heliopolis in Egypt was originally named Annu. The Essenes taught that Heliopolis had been founded by a race of supernatural beings who had been guardians of our planet since the beginnings of time. This to me sounds very much like the Nibiruans.

Tom states that the destruction of Atlantis was caused by an explosion of hydrogen technology. The explosion caused a chain reaction of storms and floods, and ultimately led to the continents demise. This is reminiscent of Seth’s destruction of the Firmament. Seth was of course Marduk’s son, and is usually portrayed as a god of destruction and chaos.

The Nine knew that Atlantis would be destroyed, but chose not to act out of anger and despair. Tom states, somewhat reassuringly, that they are now more compassionate and realise their error.

I believe that Tom, the spokesperson for the Nine is in fact Marduk, masquerading as working for the light. His apparent change of heart is nothing more than an attempt to lull us into a false sense of security. It is also interesting to note that when I approached one particular British publisher, who worked closely with Phyllis Schlemmer and her editor, Mary Bennett, they rejected my book, on the grounds that the information it contained contradicted their own. As Tom stated that he was the only spokesperson for the Nine, As Tom stated that he was the only spokesperson for the Nine, and I utilized other sources, my information could not be correct. However, what they failed to realize is that it may be true that Tom speaks only through Phyllis Schlemmer using this name, but he may call himself Dick or Harry when speaking through others!

If Marduk is the driving force behind the Council of Nine, then his choice of title is extremely interesting, for according to Jelaila Starr, a less malevolent group, also known by this name, were actually the founders of our universe. The two races that inhabit this, our universe are the Humans and the Reptiles. The Humans represent the polarity of light, whereas the Reptiles represent the polarity of darkness. This mirrors the science fiction series Babylon 5, which also has two races which represent the different polarities. In this instance, the Vorlons represent the light, whereas the Shadows represent the dark.

One of the many grievances between the Shadows and Vorlons is what the Shadows see as interference in the development of the younger races, through the Vorlons creation of telepathic abilities trough genetic manipulation. Towards the end of series four, it becomes clear that the telepaths were in fact only created as canon fodder in the first place – as jamming devices to block Shadow war ships.

In their own way the Nibiruans could be seen as also interfering with our development, firstly through genetic experimentation, and later through the disconnection of 10 of our original 12 strands of DNA. This was done in order to slow our development and prevent further disasters.

Like the Nibiruans, the Vorlons work very much for the light. They assist the younger races with their development by offering nurture and support. The Reptiles, like the Shadows work very much for the dark. They however use conflict, in order to create survival of the fittest. Always there has to be a balance between the two; neither too much light, nor too much dark, but rather, the space in between. To the Reptiles, the Nibiruans intervention would be seen as a direct threat to this balance, and an act of war.