June Austin’s “Genesis of Man” is an easy to read history of the evolution of man from the single continent to the modern day civilized man. The writing style is neither scholarly nor scientific, but written as a very readable and credible story. Her research includes current sources from archeology, astronomy, ancient texts, current DNA research, psychics, saints, channeled sources, and religious myths.

Steven Oldner, Shelfari Author Review

This is a very informative and well researched book. It is laden with scientific, Biblical and historical evidence to support its arguments. It would be ideal as a companion to academic studies in subjects such as theology, philosophy and the social sciences. If you have read and liked The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, then you will love this book because it serves the opposite viewpoint.

The Self Publishing Magazine

From beginning to end, this book will hold your attention and make you yearn for more when the last page is turned. Well written with clean citations, this book is more than a good read! It is a must have for anyone searching for a greater understanding of their spiritual roots. It is sure to set a benchmark for those seeking truths beyond conventional spiritual notions and beliefs.

Paradigm Shift Magazine

In combining her knowledge of pre and ancient history with mythology and spiritual philosophy, June Austin speculates in Genesis of Man on who we are, where we came from and where we’re heading. Austin makes the case for our souls being interconnected with the Divine source, our role in this world being to learn to balance the light and the dark within ourselves. The more aware we are of our Divine heritage, the more connected we are with humanity as a whole and the more able we are to exercise forgiveness and compassion to our fellow man. The way home comes by getting in touch with the silence within, not by blind faith in a priesthood or religious buildings and ceremonies.

Nexus Magazine

Whether you follow the tenets of established religion or none, you will find in this book something that will give you pause for thought.

John Timbers, Kent (author of Caesars Tribune and Master of Gaul)

Genesis of Man is the most “readable” scholarly work I’ve read since university. I felt like June was an apt tour guide into a subject unknown to me, or at least not well understood by me until now.

Nadine Laman, Arizona, USA (author of Kathryn’s Beach trilogy)

Given the great number of topics covered, it’s inevitable that anyone will find things of interest within these pages. It’s all mentioned here, or has a chapter on it, from the Book of Enoch to Zecharia Sitchin, from whether Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a bloodline to the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. How did man evolve? Or did he ‘evolve? Did Jesus die on the cross, or in India?

David, Somerset

Genesis of Man captures the imagination from the Prologue to the very last pages. In many ways, Genesis of Man is not one but two books: the “first” explores the origins of life on this planet (and others) while the latter part of the book looks at many aspects of Christianity that the Church Fathers somehow managed to miss out. Extensively researched and entertainingly written, Genesis of Man is by far the most intriguing book I’ve read in many a year.

Tracy Saunders, Malaga, Spain (author of Pilgrimage to Heresy)

This book really opened my spiritual eyes. It is very good. I simply could not put it down. It is so well written and thought out, PLUS expands on territories I had never dreamed existed! June’s book has made a difference for me as a writer and a person who loves to read about all things mystic and spiritual. If you are searching for more and are ready to start thinking outside of the box where our origins are concerned, then this book is a must read. I recommend this book to … everyone!

Leslie, Michigan, United States

I’ve been reading ancient history books about different parts of the world then a friend lent me a copy of ‘Genesis of Man’. It’s fascinating, your book brought together and made sense of a lot of the ‘strands’ from the other books. I could have just read your book.

Lindsay, West Sussex